MMORPG Guild Creation Guide Bundle

Question:    What is the Hardest thing to do in every MMORPG?
Answer:         Establishing a Successful Lasting MMORPG guild.
One of the best things to do in any MMORPG is to create your very own guild. However, creating a
guild takes a lot of hard work, planning and a few good men. The end result is the most rewarding
MMORPG experience. In order to create a successful MMORPG guild, you need to plan and draw
up a guild blueprint. There are millions of MMORPG players and with it, thousands of guilds.
But only 1% of all MMORPG guild last over 3 years. Most will fail by the 6 month mark.

The reason why most MMORPG guild fail is NOT because of the lack of dedication BUT a lack of
guild structure, foundation and planning. There are several critical areas and steps each guild must
carefully plan out before a guild can become successful. They are the following:
  • Guild Foundation & Leadership Structure
  • Guild Name & Type of Guild
  • Guild Rules & Expectations
  • Guild Membership Obligations
  • Guild Hierarchy
  • Guild Publicity, Advertisement & Popularity
  • Guild Enrollment Process
  • Guild Member Evaluation
  • Guild Officer Expectations & Promotions
  • Guild RP Events and other Events
  • Guild Contests
  • Guild Website
  • Guild Media (videos, comics, artwork, etc)
  • Guild Uniqueness & Maintaining Longevity
Our website contains FREE advice on some these subjects but only our Guild Creation Guide e-book
provides everything in detail and more. You will learn how to:

  • Improve your guild morale and popularity with our methods.
  • Improve guild conduct and attendance.
  • Improve guild unity and fun with our sample events and models.
  • Learn how to choose a good loyal officer
  • Learn how to spot quality traits among recruits.
  • Learn the secret on how to keep your guild ALIVE and ACTIVE for years
  • and much much more..

Learning what it takes to build a successful guild can take several years to accomplish. Most guilds
fail by then or lose interest. Equip yourself with the knowledge first and get a head start.

Any player can power-level their characters or become mindless gold farmers. But only
the Greatest and Most Respected MMORPG players can establish a Guild and
Command an Army of players.

This guide is compatible with all major MMORPG and has been used for World of
Warcraft, Star TRek Online, Aion, Guildwars, City of Heroes, Dungeons & Dragons
Online, Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, LOTRO and more. This is the only
guide in the market that provides you the knowledge to create a successful guild for
If you enjoy our free content, then you will love our the detailed advice in Guildhelper Guild Creation
Guide 2.0 e-book which can ONLY be purchased HERE. This is a must-have guide for all guild
leaders and officers. It's a small investment for a great amount of knowledge, wisdom and secrets
saving you time and hours of aggrevation. Plus it's 100% customer satisfaction or full refund.
Furthermore, you will receive all the new updates and new version of the guide FREE!
The Guildhelper Guild Creation Guide 2.0 contains over 98 pages of detailed information on the above
topics but also includes:
  • How to create a guild Website from scratch or template
  • Information about domain name and website/image hosting
  • How to create role playing events and contests
  • How to create a guild Videos, capture Screenshot, and launch a guild Comic Book
  • Information on Teamspeak/Ventrilo, Guild Portraits, Guild Stores
  • Funding your guild!
  • Sample guild laws, sample contests, sample guild RPG event ideas, and more.

Take a look at preview of the Guildhelper Creation Guide 2.0

The Guildhelper Creation Guide is a PDF e-book which will be e-mailed to you once payment is
confirmed. Please note that the Guildhelper guides are all in PDF format and can only be viewed by
programs such as Adobe Reader. If you do not have a copy, you can download this free shareware
securely at CNet's

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"I did find some of the information very useful in trying to get a guild to communicate openly, and getting the guild
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make, the better." -IC 2/8/07

"I've found the guide and your website updates very useful. Planning a guild is not easy and having a easy to read guide
certainly helps!" -JH 3/20/07

"What a wonderful guide. Your guide helped me increase my WoW guild recruitment with quality players!" -KS 4/23/07
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