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Guild Media Guide
The Guild website is very important in the creation and the maintenance of an uber guild. It serves as
an area for communication and discussion. It serves as a site for calendars, events, screenshots, fan
fictions, artwork and more. It is a home for your members when they are not playing. Many
members will frequent your site during working office hours. Therefore, the contents within your
website are vital for the health of your guild. What you put in your website is the difference between
a good guild and an UBER guild. Most successful guild leaders will say that if you have a very active
off-line participation (on the forums and website), your in-game participation will be super active as
Guild Website Creation Guide
Screenshot, Artwork & Graphics Guide
Guild Media and other Accessories
MMORPG Guild Media
Every MMORPG guild officer, leader and creator needs to know a little about guild website creation,
guild artwork, guild videos, and graphics. Information regarding where to host these videos and images
are important. Communication modalities such as VoIP (with Teamspeak and Ventrilo) and establishing
successful website forum have become synonymous with running a MMORPG guild. Our media pages
will offer some insight and knowledge on what you can do as a guild officer.
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